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Product Management

Creating market-driven products is essential for your organization to grow. From developing product management processes to planning and marketing specific product releases, we can help you maximize your market potential and poise your company for ongoing success.

Our product management experts can help you create and implement a practical and forward-thinking product roadmap with:

Process creation and definition
To utilize resources efficiently, and create and market products successfully, you need repeatable, proven processes for your entire product lifecycle. They can increase efficiency and improve quality. Our process creation and definition services will help you:

  • Plan a product roadmap that is practical for today, and forward-thinking for the future
  • Create repeatable, yet flexible, processes for product management
  • Utilize proven product management processes and solutions for more efficient and effective development
  • Define the various product lifecycle stages, combining product management expertise with your unique organization
  • Educate employees about the benefits of product management processes

Product plans
Developing a successful product requires thorough planning and research. You need to understand your product landscape and your competition in order to create a solution that will sell within your given market. Our product planning services will help you:

  • Conduct market analysis to identify the size, strengths, weaknesses and potential of your target market
  • Create product positioning plans to ensure your product fits the needs of its intended customers
  • Develop viable pricing strategies to position your product properly in its market
  • Create sales processes to ensure sales personnel understand and can effectively communicate product messaging
  • Conduct competitive analysis to secure your position against your competition

Pricing strategies
Price your product too high and potential customers will turn to your competition. Price it too low and you are losing revenue. The right price promotes success in competitive markets, maximizes your bottom lineóand reflects your product and brand image. Our pricing services will help you:

  • Choose the right price for your products and services, based on thorough market and competitive analysis
  • Compete in tough markets and win sales over your competition
  • Ensure that your product’s price properly reflects your brand image

Go-to-market strategies
Selecting, targeting and excelling within your various markets requires an understanding of complex marketing principles, coupled with an appreciation of your unique product and company roadmap. Our go-to-market strategists will help you:

  • Develop viable multi-channel strategies for reaching your various markets
  • Balance your marketing resources between different channels
  • Maximize your success with creative and unique ways to reach customers
  • Capture and retain the most valuable customers from the most profitable channels

Special projects
Even the most smoothly-running product management organization comes upon special projects that require additional resources. Whether you are unsure how to implement a certain project or simply donít have the resources to handle it internally, we can help ensure the success of your programs, both large and small. Our product and marketing experts can help you tackle any special project that comes along during your product lifecycle, including:

  • Beta testing, to help capture, collect and process feedback from end-users

Product messaging
Whether you are launching a new product or promoting an existing product, the proper messaging and positioning are vital to lead generation. Our product marketing services can help you:

  • Generate buzz about the launch of a new product
  • Re-invent or revamp the image of an existing product, in current or expanded markets
  • Develop product collateral and materials, both internal and external, to support your sales team

Product development cycles
Developing a new product requires simultaneous and cooperative efforts between engineering, marketing and sales. For efficient development and a successful end-result, proper processes need to be in place and utilized. Our product strategists will help support the life cycle of your product by:

  • Ensuring that repeatable, sustainable processes are put into place
  • Maximizing your existing resources for the smoothest possible development
  • Smoothing the lines of communication between various departments and groups