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Marketing Services

Whether you are looking to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy, improve a current implementation or brainstorm a way to branch out into new marketing territory, we can provide you with the expertise and creativity you need.

We’ll help ensure that your marketing programs reach qualified customers with compelling messages—while building a solid brand for your company—in order to generate leads, close deals and retain customers long-term.

Our expert team of marketing professionals will help ramp up your:

Strategic Marketing
The right marketing plan is essential to your business growth. Ensure that your marketing dollars are well-spent by attracting and appealing to the best possible customers with a well-planned and properly implemented marketing strategy. Our strategic marketing services will help you create a strategic marketing plan, including:

  • Company positioning and key messages, including a compelling visual identity, tagline development and a comprehensive messaging matrix
  • Defined market segments and targeted approaches for reaching each one
  • Proven go-to-market strategies
  • Thorough market and customer research
  • Competitive analysis and strategies for excelling in your unique competitive landscape

Marketing communications
An effective marketing plan requires concise, compelling copy that speaks to your target audience, illustrates your value proposition and motivates them to act. Our marketing communications experts will help you speak effectively to your customers by:

  • Creating key messages tailored to your target markets
  • Conducting a key message analysis to ensure your messages are effective
  • Creating value proposition statements
  • Developing marketing communication programs, including a key message matrix and collateral pieces to support your sales process

Marketing programs
Even the best products and most valuable services can’t succeed if the right customers don’t know about them. The right marketing programs can dramatically increase lead generation—delivering qualified potential customers—and result in measurable ROI. Our services will help you create a complete range of successful marketing programs, including:

  • Direct mail campaigns, to deliver your messages directly to your prospects
  • Public relations strategies and programs to build your brand and promote your products
  • Sales programs, to ensure that your marketing efforts result in closed deals
  • Workshops and events, to bring you face-to-face with potential customers

Internet marketing
As more and more customers go online to conduct business, gather information and validate companies, an online presence is a critical part of your marketing and branding strategy. A well-designed site with informative copy and prominent search positioning ensures that customers quickly and easily discover the benefits you can offer them. Our Internet marketing specialists will help you use the Web to your advantage with:

  • Website development, combining the right look and the right words to create a powerful Internet presence
  • Search Engine Optimization strategies, to improve the quantity and quality of traffic from search engines
  • Advanced online marketing promotions with Web 2.0 tools such as blogging, to make sure your company and products are mentioned in relevant online customer communications

Event Marketing
Events, seminars and conferences can be effective ways to meet face-to-face with your prospects and customers. But to be successful, they need to be well-planned, well-marketed and well-implemented. When it comes to events, details are everything. Our Event Marketing services help you:

  • Determine the most effective type of event to meet your goals
  • Plan your event down to the smallest details
  • Market your event to ensure its success
  • Find sponsors and partners for your event
  • Manage your event, from planning to implementation to follow-up

Branding and identity
The logo, the color palette, the tagline, the messages. These elements come together to create an identity for your company—influencing how your potential customers see you, whether or not they remember you and how loyal they will be. Our creative and marketing strategy experts will work with you to:

  • Create a focused and compelling identity for your company, from logo to colors to taglines
  • Develop and build a brand around your company and products
  • Ensure that your company’s personality shines through via your brand